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% This is a function that returns the fourier transform
% of a signal x which has been sampled at a sampling frequency of fs Hz
% faxis - a vector which shows the freq in Hz where the FT is computed
% omegaaxis - a vector with freq in rad/s where the FT is computed
y = (1/fs)*fftshift(fft(x,N));
Omegaaxis = (-pi:2*pi/N:pi-pi/N);
omegaaxis = fs*Omegaaxis;
faxis = omegaaxis/(2*pi);


y = fs*ifft(ifftshift(X),N);
taxis = [0:1:N-1]*(1/fs);

MATLAB .m files by Student NarayananStudent Narayanan, 31 Jul 2012 17:08

Very nice! Thanks for sharing this with the class. Several years back, one of the undergraduate students at A&M did a project with me where the student wrote a java applet to demonstrate convolution. I have been terrible at preserving this and building on it. This is a very useful though!

- Krishna

Thanks for posting this. Indeed, this is very relevant. I will add this video to the flipped classroom page within the course webpage. Just to be sure, have you seen the TED talk that I posted on the flipped class room page. Be sure to see that.


I have not talked about this material in class yet this year. So, this will not be on the exam. I will talk about this a little bit later in the class.

Going to study in Zachry on the over hang of the second floor around 7:30 P.M. Feel free to join.

Studying for Exam 1 by Student NarayananStudent Narayanan, 27 Jun 2012 00:00

P.s. you can shoot me a text if its easier.

Can someone give me some tips for solving problem 3? Finding the magnitude isn't difficult but the graphing is getting me stuck.

Previous Midterm 2 by Student NarayananStudent Narayanan, 26 Jun 2012 19:57

I thought this would be a good resource to share:

1. Download source code from here:

2. Extract contents of folder to whatever folder you like.

3. In Matlab, right above the command window, there is a box that says current folder. You need use this box (or click browse for folder button) to point to the folder you extracted the source files to.

4. Type "ConvolveGUI" in the command window.

More information can be found via the link at the top of this post.

Hope this helps!

Please check the homework page now. I have clearly marked which problems to turn in.


Saw this pretty cool TED talk about virtual classrooms, seems pretty relevant to the "flipped classroom" idea


Are we only supposed to do the convolution problems on the first two exams that are posted? The rest are exams with material we haven't covered yet, so I'm not sure how many problems we are supposed to be turning in.

Convolution Homework by Student NarayananStudent Narayanan, 24 Jun 2012 22:20
Re: Homework 3 by Student NarayananStudent Narayanan, 18 Jun 2012 19:29

I have fixed this. You should be able to download now.

I am enjoying teaching the flipped class too!


Thanks for posting the problems from Oppenheim. I have also posted them under the Homework tab so that it is easy to access.

Re: Homework 3 by Krishna NarayananKrishna Narayanan, 16 Jun 2012 06:20

Here are the optional problems found on page 2. You should be able to rotate the image from the links if it isn't upright.



Homework 3 by Student NarayananStudent Narayanan, 15 Jun 2012 21:12

Also I am really enjoying your class so far. You seem to care about us learning. Thanks.


I just wanted to mention since i prefer to download the videos to watch them. I cannot seem to download the video on stability.

Also I am really enjoying your class so far. You seem to care about us learning. Thanks.

Hey Professor Narayanan. The solutions for this hw only seem to go to 6. Could you upload the rest of the solutions? I know we went over a few of the problems, but I was hoping to check the rest of what I did.


Re: Homework 2 by Student NarayananStudent Narayanan, 15 Jun 2012 01:48

It would be nice if somebody posted the questions. Meanwhile, if you want the book, you can come to my office and borrow the book to look at the homework problems. My office is in Zachry 241C


Re: Homework 2 by Krishna NarayananKrishna Narayanan, 09 Jun 2012 17:12

Would someone with the Haykin textbook please post homework problems 1-5 via the built in equation builder and/or pictures? I own the Oppenheim textbook and have no access to these.


Homework 2 by Student NarayananStudent Narayanan, 09 Jun 2012 15:23
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